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A Handy List of Sexual Dos and Do Nots. Brought to you by REAL-SEXCONTACTS.COM

Every week, there are plenty of stories of people doing stuff no one should ever think of trying. We’d thought we’d provide a few handy sexual yays and nays, based on some this week’s headlines.

Do: Take an interest in your partner’s anatomy.

Don’t: Take such a paranoid interest that you demand to check your partner’s vagina to see if she still has her hymen.

No dude should ever ask to see a woman’s hymen. Simple as that.

Do: Have fun with a camera once in awhile and film your sex life.

Don’t: Use a camera to illegally film the sex lives of your Airbnb guests.

It’s not cool to film strangers having sex. It’s really not cool to set up hidden cameras in your house to film your Airbnb guests having sex. That’s jail time, bro.

Do: Recognize that some people are bisexual.

Don’t: Recognize that some people are bisexual and then grow terrified at the idea of dating a bisexual.

Recently, 47% of survey respondents reported they’d be scared to date a bisexual. Look, bisexuals aren’t risky lovers. They aren’t more diseased or more likely to cheat on you. They’re just like they’re kettle corn: salty and sweet, the best of both worlds.

Do: Remember not everyone knows their own body.

Don’t: Make fun of them for not knowing their own body.

When asked to point one out, 44% of British women struggled to locate a vagina or cervix on an anatomy chart. Of course, it would be super easy to make a few jokes about how British women don’t know a vagina from a hole in the ground, but we won’t do that, because the point is, a lot of people don’t know about their body. Laughing at them won’t help. If you do laugh, they’re far less likely to have sex with you.tumblr_o5s70o4swx1uldd3qo1_540