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Girl upset because we had unprotected sex and doesn’t want to hangout anymore 

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On our second outing we came back to my place and I asked her if I can kiss her and she allowed. She mentioned she’s not looking for relationships next day, I said I’m ok with casual.

Then 3rd outing we were drunk and she kept making out with me. She got mad and said she doesn’t wanna hangout again. I said it won’t happen again and decided to be just friends.

4th outing I dropped her and her friends downstairs and she said she left her stuff at my place then came home and we had sex. She stayed the next day fully and kept riding me the whole day sober too.

She’s now arguing with me that I made her take plan b pills and didn’t use condoms and because of this she doesn’t wanna hangout.

I told her it’s both our responsibility and she was the one who wanted to have sex in the first place. Anyways I’m clean ( took test before) and this is literally like my second time having sex(first time with her), while she bragged she did with 20+ guys and they all used condoms and I’m uneducated.

I don’t like this girl cause she’s causing this drama.

My step daughter lover. Erotic Story brought to you by REAL-SEXCONTACTS.COM member

As soon as we were out on the balcony, my hand shot straight up my daughter’s skirt. She smirked and said I was incorrigible, but I know she loved it. We’ve been secretly fucking for years and we both enjoyed pushing our luck to see what we could get away with. For example, right now she was supposed to be inside her apartment celebrating her new promotion with her friends, but she snuck away from her own party to be out here with me. We kissed for a while wondering what her friends and colleague would think if one of them came out and saw us, and that’s when I decided to see just how wet she was.

Turns out, she was extremely wet and that got me extremely hard. Fortunately, it took very little persuasion from me to convince my daughter to drop to her knees and start sucking my cock. As my daughter blew me, I listened to the sounds of the party inside and let my eyes wander over to the apartment opposite where I saw a lovely sight – a gorgeous young woman being fucked from behind.

‘Holy shit,’ I said, ‘Isn’t that one of the girls you went to school with?’

My daughter took her mouth of my cock, spun around and confirmed that the girl in the apartment opposite her with the window wide open was indeed a girl she knew from school. And then my daughter gave me another piece of information, “And Dad… that guy fucking her… it’s her dad!”

I was too busy checking out my daughter’s old classmate that I didn’t pay any attention to the guy slamming her, but then I recognized him from parent-teacher nights and as my daughter said, he was the father of the girl he was fucking.

“Oh shit,” I said to my own daughter. “I’m going to have to do the same to you now baby.”

So I spun my daughter around, lifted her skirt and started pounding her from behind.

We were facing the other father/daughter couple and trying to fuck in time with them. I instructed my daughter to softly call out her friend’s name to get her attention, so my daughter did and we briefly made eye contact with her incestuous neighbor.

I started fucking my daughter harder and harder as she turned around to give me a cheeky look. “Turns you on to watch another couple, huh Dad.”

She started giggling, but suddenly the giggles turned to gasps as she started to cum.

Later, both girls draped themselves over their balconies and made small talk with each other, as their fathers’ cum dripped out of their cunts. I waved to the other dad and he gave me the thumbs up grinning. Us likeminded fathers have to stick together!