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Are You Here for the Real Thing? Accept No Substitutes – Your Guide to Site Safety.




We make every effort to provide a safe and private environment for you folks to enjoy. We do check all profiles by hand but unfortunately, as with all sites of this nature, some will inevitably slip through the net. Like all online communities, there are people who have other motives, so here are some handy hints to weed out fakes, spot the suspicious, and make sure that your online experience is the best it can be.

It’s Personal

Your username is your suit of armour while getting to know someone online. Wait until you feel completely comfortable before sharing any personal information with a match. And never include your phone number, home address or personal email addresses in your profile.

Here to Help?

Our admin team will NEVER ask you to reveal your password. If you are asked for this by anyone, please report them to us as soon as possible. You can recognise genuine admin staff by the badge they have on their profile.

Easy Tiger!

A lot of people take their time getting to know a prospective partner before meeting up. For others, it can happen much quicker than that, but be wary of people who say they are ready after just a few moments of chatting. If someone seems too keen, too soon, they may have an ulterior motive.

Keep Money in Your Pocket

Never send money to someone you meet online. Report anyone who asks for money or any interaction that seems unusual. Our Customer Service team are here to help you 7 days a week.

No ID, No Problem

Many members have asked us about Dating IDs. You DO NOT need an ID card to join or use the site and any emails or messages regarding these are not associated with us in any way whatsoever. Please report anything like this on the site to a member of staff.

Links that Stink!

Avoid following any links to other websites as these may be insecure. If anyone asks you to verify yourself on another site, be wary. Anyone wanting admin validation can contact a member of our admin team and they will help you.

We’re Your Buffer Zone!

By using the site’s communication tools, we have your back. Once you start communicating outside of the site, our protective measures are extremely limited. Only go off site when you are 100% comfortable.

Be Part of the Solution

If you spot any profiles, members too eager to share their contact details anywhere on the site, or anything else that you feel is suspicious, please contact the Support Helpdesk. You can also click on the ‘report’ button on a members profile and/or the message they sent you to report activity to the staff.