Here at Sex  REAL-SEXCONTACTS, we spend a lot of time answering listener questions and we love every minute of it! So this week, we wanted to do something different. We flipped the script and put out a question to all of you:

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We asked listeners, followers (from REAL-SEXCONTACTS.COM and REALBRITISHSEX.COM) and overall fans of us to think back to an amazing sexual encounter and tell us what made it so incredible.

We were were thoroughly impressed, aroused and inspired by all your responses. In fact, we received so much great feedback that we decided to tease it out a little bit.. Since we know how much some of you enjoy that..

So without further ado, the first installment:
5 tips for truly mind-blowing, knee-weakening sex for you, BY YOU!

1. Foreplay
No surprise there.. As real-sexcontacts always say, foreplay is a requirement, not a suggestion, and is a key ingredient to any sexual encounter. But for those who aren’t used to being treated to a full serving of delicious foreplay, it can really leave a long-lasting orgasmic impression! Kudos to those of you who knew to step it up, and truly enjoyed the outcome.


2. Romance
For many listeners, great sex is about more than just bodies doing what they’ve been biologically programmed to do.. It’s about the meaning underneath it. This is where romance becomes a major game-changer.

To take a night of ordinary sex and make it extraordinary, one must turn the sex itself into a thoroughly romantic experience. Don’t just toss sex out like an invitation to the movies. Woo your partner. Sweep them off of their feet. Make them feel loved. This is the time to bust out that sexy playlist you’ve been working on, turn down the lights and fire up some mood-setting candles. If you build the romantic atmosphere, they will come.. Again and again and again.

3. Multiple Orgasms
So yes, there were multiple mentions of multiple orgasms being a staple of mind-blowing sex.. Real shocker! Everyone wants to know that they are rocking their partner’s world, so it kind of goes without saying: the more orgasms, the better the sex.

Anyone can become a master of the O’s, with a fair amount of practice and the right mindset. It’s half physical (knowing the lay of the land, down below) and half mental (Are you relaxed? In the moment? Is your brain “turned on”?). Need a little extra guidance? This blog gives you the three steps to multiple O’s.

4. Sharing the Pleasure
According to several accounts, the delivering of orgasms garnered just as much excitement, if not more, than being on the receiving end. Several listeners revealed that truly mind-blowing sex came from experiencing their partner’s pleasure, and knowing that THEY were the ones who made their partner’s feel that good. It’s a proud moment, isn’t it?

Three tips to help you and your partner share the pleasure:

  • Leave the lights on (or at least light some candles)
  • Keep your eyes open.
  • Don’t hold back.

5. Time
You know what they say. The best things in life are worth waiting for and that includes multiple orgasms. Yep, they take time. Several respondents indicated that the best sex they ever had “lasted all night”.

Now “all night” is a bit of a stretch.. Who’s got that kind of time?