Is It Ever Okay to Send a Dick Pic?




I matched with a girl on REAL-SEXCONTACTS, and our exchanges have gone from flirtatious to hot. We have yet to meet, but I think that will happen in the near future if I keep playing it right. In the meantime, we’ve been texting a lot at night, and I’m close to doing something I’ve never done before: send a dick pic. If I do, will I be blowing the chance she’ll want to hook up in real life?

When it comes to exchanging nudes, then, the same rules apply as when you’re having sex. It’s all about communication, consent and mutual respect. After all, a consensual sexy pic isn’t sleazy; it’s foreplay. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once a woman sees your dick, she’ll want to see it anytime during the day. There’s something jarring about penises when they make surprise appearances in the wild.

2. Do your research before sending a lady your David imitation. The internet has plenty of tips for taking good dick pics. Nothing kills the mood faster than a full-length, badly lit bathroom-mirror selfie with a half chub.

3. Unless she initiates a sexy-pic exchange, don’t ask for one if you don’t plan to reciprocate. Sexting is an exercise in trust. You can’t demand what you’re unwilling to give.

4. I’ll emphasize “specifically requests one” one more time. “What’s up?” is not an invitation for you to send an X-rated selfie. Never send unsolicited dick pics, period. If you don’t know this yet in 2016, you’re the reason they get a bad rap.